John Robin Bold - John Robin Bold

Where do we find a point of such realization of a social that it is also the point of its collapse? It’s exactly like the stereophonic effect. We are all obsessed – and not only in music – with high fidelity; obsessed with the quality of musical (re-)production. Armed with the tuners, amplifiers and speakers of our stereo systems we adjust bass and treble, we mix, we combine, we multiply tracks in search of an impeccable technology and an infallible music. Where is the degree of technological sophistication, where is the high-fidelity threshold beyond which music as such would disappear? For the problem of the disappearance of music is the same as that of the disappearance of history. It will not disappear for a want of music. It will disappear for having exceeded that limit point, vanishing point, it will disappear in the perfection of its materiality, in its own special effect beyond which there is no longer any aesthetic judgement or aesthetic pleasure: It is the ecstasy of musicality and its end.
You describe the system, the most catastrophic or apocalyptic system but you can do that in a form that is not at all apocalyptic, that is very (maybe) singular. The form can contain and retain the singularity in the same time as it says something that is not singularity but it describes the non-singularity but the form must remain singular.
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