Ultra-Scape (Extenden Version) - Automatisme

he artist William Jourdain aka Automatisme creates generative electronic music in the ambient dub techno genre that he continually reshapes through post-production. His artistic practice questions globalization and saturation of current time and space. The sound installation presented here is entitled Ultra-Scape (Extended Version). It's a dense, extended soundscape inspired by the Chain Reaction and Echospace [Detroit] record labels. It is a work generated from field recordings at the botanical garden Jardin Daniel A. Séguin in Saint-Hyacinthe/Canada recorded during the early spring of 2023. These sounds were then modified several times. Their variations are modulators in Ableton Live, the Digital Audio Workstation used. Jourdain has augmented and reshaped this material in the studio like a constantly changing landscape. This work is intended to be broadcast at the same volumes as the environment in which it is installed and also to be performed in a different season than when the original recordings were made. Listening to this mix of two simultaneous soundscapes is a creation in itself that is harmonious and democratic between nature and humans and the formation of another-season (Alter-Scape/Ultra- Scape).

Invited by EXPRESSION art gallery, artist and curatorWilliam Jourdain presents the collective digital art exhibition Les paysage autres in french or Alter-Scape in english from June 10th to September 10th 2023. For this multi-faceted exhibition that took almost four years to be shaped, he sets the task of showing reflections in which various contemporary art questions are manifested in connection with the question: "How to expand and remix the details of nature?". To do this, artists express themselves through digital sound and visual works, concerts and conferences. The exhibition brings together artists active in different cultural institutions as teachers, educators, philosophers, art historians and record sellers. Most of them publish on the influential German record label Mille Plateaux, which has dedicated itself, since the early 1990's, to post-techno electronic music and theorization. The events include works by Marilou Lyonnais Archambault, Thomas Köner, Stefan Paulus, Myriam Boucher, Achim Szepanski, Pheek and Automatisme. The theme is defined by the sensitivity to natural landscapes and to their documentation. It takes the form of interstices between the human and nature relations and mutual point of view. The result is an imaginary space and another reality that constitutes the utopia of an alternative, mixed and unreal nature. It offers an uncontrollable living-together positioned between sublime and chaos; the purpose is to slow down time and to offer a moment of naturalist reflection.

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