Biomimetics - Andrea Taeggi

What strategy would nature adopt, in order to address the ecological and socio-economic issues afflicting our times?

It looks as if 'we' as a species are consistently avoiding the question, smothered by the childish, egocentric and myopic needs of an unsustainable monetary system.

The music on this album was inspired by Biomimetics (aka Biomimicry), which sees nature as the primal teacher when it comes to imitating forms & shapes, but also learning from complex processes (like photosynthesis in a leaf) and even to mimicking larger arrangements at the ecosystem level (eg building nature-inspired cities).

Could imitating nature help us find more balance on a larger scale, especially considering we are part of nature ourselves and that there is literally nothing lying 'outside' of it? In terms of musical narrative, the Biomimetics LP falls in a parallel groove to the "Mycorrhiza" maxi EP released on OOH-Sound in 2020, further exploring possibilities for bodies to move/dance/vibe to rhythms other than 4/4. Part of the material is instead more pensive, introverted and spacious, allowing for more room for exploration & navigation.

The instruments used are quite diverse in kind and age: for one, you can hear recordings of an ARP 2500 built in the 1970s — usedextensively by the likes of Eliane Radigue among others and hosted at Willem-Twee Studios in the Netherlands.

All in all, sound sources used in this album span across roughly 40 years of history of electronic music instruments.