A laugh will bury you - Simona Zamboli

“A laugh will bury you” is Simona Zambolis second album for Mille Plateaux. Her first album “Ethernity” was called by the press “a game changer, the sound of the future, now”. Laughter is a fragile rebellion, says Simona Zamboli to her new album, yes, it can be also a kind of horror. Like in her first album dark sound clouds and patterns, which are looped and folded into harsh alien beats, are changing with more melancholic and warm atmospheres. Sometimes the sound is near to the desaster. Simona Zamboli is transcending the musical quality, which is today determined by technology, into a kind of virtuality, which includes the Outside. The Outside has many names: the contingent, the void, the collapse and of course also the fragile rebellion of the laughter. This non-musical rebellion is the opposite of retro-necrophilia. The sonic fluxes listened to in Zambolis sound sculptures touch the horror of the world in a negative way, because they are entangled with the mimicry of Chaos or the Underworld, which means, that we are told in an audible way about movements, which are not audible. Zamboli destroys the standards of the current horrible music of a harmonies-of-harmonies.