Skyquakes - Missing Ear

Skyquakesis the first album by the Milan-based drummerand sound designer Matteo Gualeni.

In this work he delves into the study ofsound perceptionand the way human beingsunderstand and give meaning to the AS(Auditory Streams). Listening is not passive, instead is an act of rebellion against the numbness of the digital reality: “our brains digest everyday an infinite amount of sonic contents, which remain unheard. However, we still hold the power to actively reconnect with theexperience.”

This practice is centralin Matteo’s explorations: moving from spatial ambient interludes to shapeshifting break glitchrhythms and heavy cut future bass, he creates digital palettesthat remind of the most refined compositions by Objekt andAutechre. This work breaks down the conventional approach to composing and urges the listener to get involved on a deeper level encouraging participation.

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