Shoedrift - SIFIR

SIFIR (aka Zafer Aracagok) is a one-man-band from Istanbul who has released electronic/experimental albums and pieces in Turkey, UK, Italy, France, USA and Germany. His music finds its point of departure from what he defined as "desonance" both theoretically and musically. Sometimes he collaborates with other musicians to decompose together the sounds and vocals towards the end of a more liberative act of listening.
The current work, SHOEDRIFT, echoes the motivations of what was known as shoegaze yet with guitar layers which often fall out of tune so as to fabulate a drift as in dreams and sleepwalking. Without doubt, the rhythmic qualities of SHOEDRIFT never closes the doors on the possibility of a revival of art forms both dark and entertaining. Somnambulism or rather Somnambulist Situationists is another concern of SIFIR about which he published articles in line with Deleuzian philosophy.

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