Zeitgeist: Ambient Music from 2012 to 2020 - Marco Simioni & Mattia Saviolo

"Zeitgeist" refers to the spirit of a generation or era, which is the perfect framing for this release. In this album, Marco Simioni and Mattia Saviolo present a selection of unreleased tracks produced over eight years, between 2012 and 2020, including music made with Riccardo Marcucci, a.k.a. banrat.
This release captures the 'Zeigeist' of the last decade: it's a testament to the roots and the growth of the artists involved in this project. The tracks are mood-wise intertwined together: dark and gloomy ambient, sometimes intense, with a synesthetic musique concrète approach and occasionally IDM oriented.
"Zeitgeist: Ambient Music from 2012 to 2020" has been structured to induce the listener to a hypnagogic state, where the mind tries to find its way out from an otherworldly environment that this record evokes.
Monia Ben Hamouda's artwork, "I can't even reply you" (2017), depicts this narcotic and surreal feeling perfectly, adding an essential layer to the aesthetic of this release.