Aphàiresis - Gianluca Iadema

Aphàiresis (from the Greek αφαίρεσις, “abstraction”) is an audiovisual work composed between 2017 and 2019, whose aim is to investigate the relationship between materiality and immateriality, between presence and metaphysics. It is from the fruitful relationship between materiality - imperfection - and immateriality - perfection - that, through a filtration and regeneration process, a different and new world is created in which the single elements lose a part of themselves on their way to reorganize themselves in a higher order.
Starting from static, interferences, distortions of obsolete projection and visual equipment - such as, VHS and analogue projectors - in old film shots, the composer makes the visual element dialogue with the sound, mainly drawn from data bending processes, revealing something about the nature of the digital medium, which would otherwise be opaque. On the other hand, by using artefacts from analogue projectors, he shows the transmission specificity of this visual reproduction device, revealing the presence of an inherent historical contrast.The intuition of using the invisible substrate that makes up what appears to us as a compositional material reveals the will to examine the technological element beyond its normal functions. Here is the background turning into the subject, and opening up new perspectives of artistic research.