Noir - Tom Lönnqvist

Noir is an exploration into night. It is created during Kaamos time in Helsinki. It is a somewhat sound design for a non existing performative piece. It acknowledges the problematic state of our civilisation while allowing it self to merge into aesthetics of movie, Film noir, to breath and fantasise within that world.
The tones of NOIR are created from an urge to bodily sense sound. They are created from a closed modular system as a stereo modulation. They convey timelessness if you so like. The tones are an outcome of four years of building the system and 13 years of DJing and hosting an ambient radio show.
“At some point I asked musician/ movie composer Timo Kaukolampi to join me on this project. The idea was to close the album with a track made by someone else. Kaukolampi felt like the natural choice with his vast collection of analogue synths and an interest in composition that is rather magic than perfect."