Landscapes 2 - Baransu

Atmospheric Landscape is a project that develops in chapters "I" & "II" and gives through listening, the rhetoric of a past that makes us aware of an impending future.
The sounds delineate introspective plots that oscillate between passive serenity and tension, a listening that presents a scenario of the restlessness of the well-being. It dominates the perception of a sound stratification in which the different levels, or streams, merge in an active-exploratory listening: from the indexical sign genesis, which takes on a semantic character, to probe the possibilities of perceptive coding.
Humans and nature, protagonists of a relationship that in the course of history has lost all foundations of origin, are now divergent waves of the same entropic phenomenon that cannot find peace. We should, instead, understand that everything is syntropy (i.e. phenomena that cannot be caused by man) and that the utopian dimension of man's domination over nature is nothing more than an illusion. 

Moving towards a post-anthropocentric and post-human perspective means welcoming otherness by decentralizing one's own privilege, in order to reactivate lost ties or create new ones with other humans and non-humans, historically constructed as separate and secondary entities.
The cognitive operations called thought are not a privilege of mental processes placed above and beyond perception, but rather the essential ingredients of perception itself. We cannot grasp and understand the visible world through geometry alone, as a large part of it is organic, and we must seek to grasp, absorb, and internalize the combination between two units, which grow out of each other in a mutual interplay of support and domination. They tune into a common tension directed toward the a-centered dimension, as far as our abstraction capacities allow.
A.T. reflects on the aesthetic value, between video and sound, on the process of stochastic configuration, a continuous meaning that from an extreme redundancy and regularity, extends to an extreme disorder, unpredictability and uncertainty.
The aesthetic dimension of an experience that allows to move away from one's own physicality (corporeal) in order to observe the macro under a different perspective to understand the micro through an active configuration of the macro, trying to visualize and scan a more conscious overall figure to a pragmatic sensory measurement.