weaving ritual - sunnk

The third album in the series continues our dive into hyperglitch with Weaving Ritual by Sunnk. This album was one of the main inspirations for making this series. It's deep and emotional, expressive and raw, tech-y and precise. The sound design is endlessly fascinating. I find myself pausing to re-listen to individual moments over and over again, trying to understand what exactly is going on. And somehow, even with all this technical complexity, the album comes across as natural, as if each maneuver was as effortless as a press of a key. The story of the album is patient but unafraid of being abrupt or pushing the listener away. Weaving Ritual feels like a dark spell cast in the middle of an abandoned street. A vortex that we are pulled into. Dragging us through our darkest memories kicking and screaming, pulled inside out. Blending into a fog of thick heavy smoke that collects into liquid that slides down the gutter. We wake up from the hallucinations in the final moments of the album and find ourselves running but can't remember from what.