Alter- Vol. 2 - Viatorism

Viatorism is a duo of the producers Automatisme and Pheek. Their album entitled Alter- Vol. 2 is the continuation of the Alter- album by Automatisme published in mid 2020. The tracks are inspired by the writings of art theorist and critic Nicolas Bourriaud on the concept of altermodernism which reflects on the globalization and the saturation of time and space. They apply the concept of altermodernism to the temporality and the space of the electronic glitch and dub techno music to create generative rhythms and ambiences. The album is also related to Ultrablack music series from the record label Mille Plateaux which experiments with the non-representation. It experiences an in-between and a nameless non-representation in which other temporalities can emerge. We meet there an uncontrollable music. Viatorism is a dynamic structure that manifests sound productions that never finishes and that produces multiple versions of the tracks.
Music composed, mixed and produced by William Jourdain and Jean-Patrice RĂ©millard
Artwork by Marilou Lyonnais Archambault
Mastering by Pheek
Text by William Jourdain
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