Dirrid/Styllysts - Dirrid/Styllysts

The debut release by dirrid/styllyts is an exploration into the physicality of magnetic tape. Loops scrambled together, made from old library cassettes, thrift store finds and other cultural discards - imbued with a variety of musical fragments, found sounds and a few deliberately picked samples - are the only sound sources used in this collection of semi-improvised soundscapes. All pieces were recorded in a setting of musical dialogue between the two collaborators, who are playing looptapes, treat them with an array of effects as well as filters and use secondary looping and phasing techniques. Although the main focus of most compositions is on texture and interweaving ambiences, each track also contains a narrative idea that emerges from the musicians bouncing off each other during the live-on-tape recording process.
Sound sources include melodic fragments played with electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, balalaika, trombone, shakuhachi, several drums and drum machines, police sirens, knocking on wood, songbirds, cicadas, swans, flowing water, helicopters, metallic tubes, coins, wartime recordings, radiators, symphonic orchestras and a few more that we forgot.
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