DeRayling - DeRayling

Although he is of good will, his spirit and prophecies seem to be manifest devil's work ... They are capable of deceiving many curious people and causing great harm and trouble to the Church of God Our Lord. (Report on Guillaume Postel, sent to Ignatius of Loyola by the Jesuit Fathers Salmeron, Lhoost and Ugoletto on May 10th 1545) A tremendous energy flows through the universe and with it all living and non-living things: (Co[s]mic-)Background radiation, gravitation, thermodynamics; A tremendous energy emanates from the sun, it radiates permanently. As a light-giver, she embodies the absolutely beautiful, Apollonian, and as such she is the expression of an elevation of the spirit above all conditions of earthly existence and a cheerfulness that can almost be called mathematical. First of all we take the light that is optically directly incident upon us. But is it not also an incredible warmth? Which we feel on our skin. [...] We open our eyes, blink carefully; the bright light makes our eyes squint like an explosion that blinds us when we try to see inside Bright.
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